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Yamaha GS-1

An improvised quick tour of the Yamaha GS-1. Sorry for all the blabbering :) I also forgot to mention the EQ which is pretty basic bass/mid/treble.\r
The GS1 has eight operators per voice but these are arranged as four modulator/carrier pairs. The sound "strips" have settings for four operators on each side, so you can mix the different presets. \r
Read much more here:\r

Bronica GS-1 Review - The Overlooked 6x7 Film Camera

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Today, I review the Bronica GS-1. I have been shooting with this camera for about six months now and figured it was time for a proper review. If you have any questions about the camera system, let me know in the comments!

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Comparing Two 6x7 Medium Format Film Cameras: The Bronica GS-1 & Pentax 6x7

What's up y'all, today I'm giving some thoughts and opinions on two 6x7 film cameras I have shot over the past couple of years: The Bronica GS-1 and Pentax 6x7. This is NOT a super depth review of both cameras nor do I cover every feature on them. This is just a video where I share some thoughts and insights on the systems after the time I have spent using them.

Full review of the Bronica GS-1:

Link to Document with all info covered:

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