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HK119 - C'est La Vie

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HK119 - C'est La Vie

'C'est La Vie' taken from the album 'Fast, Cheap \u0026 Out Of Control'

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Sepheryn : Still great in 2020 :)
Max Woof : I can see why björk likes her
Hey Sailor : ❤️❤️❤️
CaseyCorrupted : This is so delightfully bizarre~
TroyConvers5000 : Prefer this to the Rusko remix, which for the record is BLOODY AWFUL.
WVgoneWild : Even after 2 years of knowing this video exists, I still don't understand why it doesn't have more views.
0Rekol : ...... HAHAHAHAHAHA I love it
MammalucaArt : Amazingly catchy!
WCarnation : I blame Lady Gaga.
bobbygnosis : I don't know what I just experienced.

But it was pretty sweet.

HK119 - Tropikalia

'Tropikalia' taken from the album 'Fast, Cheap \u0026 Out Of Control'

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bluejam : I really can't understand why she's not more popular, this is ace stuff
Marcus Vicious : She's a fucking superstar. Period.
DivaThreat : oh i see they fixed the titles...

HK119 - Iceberg

'Iceberg' is the second single by London based Finnish multi instrumentalist HK119 (Heidi Kilpeläinen), taken from her new album 'Imaginature' (25th March 2013). 'Iceberg' single also has had a fantastic remix by electronic "post techno" duo Plaid.

"Reminiscent of Kate Bush's weirdest pop experiments... wonderful" - Dazed
Sepheryn : This should have like 10 million views, not 10 thousand >_>
Primitive In The Extreme :
pallas artemis : xx
Gulnora Suleymanova : just amusing staff! electro pop music wow!
astin stormur : One of my favourites of the album! Slightly confusion, NOT! Tough sounds much better on a vinyl..
Karen : She's amazing live!
Valbonne : Reminiscent of Kate Bush, yes.... xD Interesting style.
bluejam : I don't know why she isn't more popular, all these songs are the shit
Glitter People : the first comment is mine, yehea mine!
And now to state the obvious: HK 119 is an amazing artist!




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